The Sands Volleyball and Softball Club

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Teams that registered in January were entered in the "free beer lottery".  Sloppy Sets, Drew A. (Sunday) will get a free pitcher each week;  Sand in My Pants, Becky E. (Thursday) gets a free pitcher for trying.                                                            updated Tuesday 4/22/14 at 11:00 PM  office hours: 2-6:00 Monday-Friday

All-Volley Beach Tennis is coming to the Sands (information link).  The court is now available for practice.  Paddles and balls are available at the bar. Tuesday is OK; Wednesday is closed.

Lo-Lo Grill. Willow Creek will be operating a simple grill serving simple food inspired by the Lo-Los of St. Martin.  Menu and information.

Volleyball at The Sands  (information link)              

We are working on schedules. Everything should be finalized and posted on the board for the Season Opener Sunday, April 27th.

1st Session Availability Volleyball: Sunday 6:30 full, 8:30 Fours is OK; Monday 6:30 is full, 7:30 is full, 8:30 is full; Tuesday 6:30 is full, 7:30 is full, 8:30 is full; Wednesday 6:30 is full, 7:30 is full, 8:30 is full; Thursday 6:30 is full, 7:30 is full, 8:30 is full;   Doubles and 7:30 time slots traditionally fill first.

 Definitions: "getting tight" means get it in the mail, "tight" means turn it in now and have a second choice, "very tight" means you might get in and "full" means please try 2nd session.

Junior Beach Club: Friday Night Blazing Suns and Junior's Events (information link)

tournament information

The Sands is a laid back, fun place to play. With twenty-one courts we are able to offer all levels of play at fixed times that you choose. The clubhouse has a full service bar complete with cocktail freezers.  There are sunny patios with palm trees and covered patios with fans and heaters.  The atmosphere is casual and friendly. Registration deadline for 1st session is April 18th.  Follow the information link for league discriptions, forms and availability. 2013 pools are not posted. . Follow the pools link for Day/Time/Bye information for 1st session.

Softball at the Sands (information link)

The fields are almost ready. The beer is here. The grass seed could use some rain.  Mike updated at 4:00PM

At the Sands we play softball for fun.  Safety and sportsmanship are emphasized.  Beer, sodas and snacks are served at the Cabana between the fields.  Follow the information link for league discriptions, forms and availability.

Sunday Schedule '14    Monday Schedule '14   Tuesday Schedule '14    Wednesday Schedule '13   Thursday Schedule '13

Private Events (information link)

The Sands is a great place for company picnics, parties and reunions. We can accommodate groups as small as forty and as large as eight hundred. The Main Clubhouse Area and the Cabana Area are both available May through September.  Most weekends for 2014 are already booked.

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This week's schedule: Sunday (9/8) week #6 of 6; Monday is done; Tuesday is done; Wednesday is done; Thursday is done